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Hiking Mentorship

Release Fear, Embrace Adventure: Step Into the Great Outdoors with Confidence!

🌲🥾 Are you ready to step into the world of hiking but not sure where to start? My Hiking Mentorship Coaching Program is tailor-made for new, inexperienced, providing personalized guidance and support every step of the way! 🥾🌲

🏞️ Let's kick off this adventure together! With this mentorship program, you'll receive individualized attention focused on building your confidence, overcoming any fears, and gaining the knowledge needed to feel at ease on the trails.


👟 We'll start from square one, or where ever you are in your journey- covering everything from selecting the right gear to mastering basic hiking techniques, ensuring you feel comfortable and prepared for your outdoor excursions.


🗺️ Explore beginner-friendly trails with the assurance that you have a dedicated mentor by your side, ready to navigate the path together and answer any questions you may have.


🌿 Connect with nature in a whole new way as we explore the beauty of the outdoors while fostering a supportive and encouraging environment for your growth as a hiker.


🎒 Equip yourself with the essential skills and know-how to embark on future hiking adventures confidently and independently.


Ready to embark on this exciting journey of exploration and discovery? Join our One-on-One Hiking Mentorship Coaching Program today and take your first steps towards becoming a confident and capable hiker! 🌟 

You'll receive 2 hours of powerful coaching with this mentorship program- 2 -1 hour calls or 1- 2 hour call of your choice.

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